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Administrative & Judicial Review

WHAT IS ADMINISTRATIVE & JUDICIAL REVIEW Administrative law regulates decision making in individual matters by government authorities and officers at local, state and federal level.  Legal advice concerning administrative law can be sought at any stage where a decision affecting your legal interests is made by the government.  The primary mechanisms to challenge government decisions […]

Building & Construction

WHAT IS BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION LAW Building and construction law applies to all stages of commercial and residential construction work.  Legal advice concerning building and construction can be sought at any stage of a project, including: Prior to construction: Drafting, negotiating and reviewing terms of a building and construction contract Development approval and building rules […]

Commercial & Corporate

WHAT IS COMMERCIAL & CORPORATE LAW  Commercial and corporate law regulates the conduct and governance of business, trade, and commerce. Legal advice concerning commercial and corporate law can be sought at any stage of the life cycle of a business, including: Formation and structuring Acquisitions and disposals Operation and management Succession and retirement Commercial and […]

Employment & Industrial

WHAT IS EMPLOYMENT & INDUSTRIAL LAW Employment and industrial law regulates the legal relationships between employers and employees during, and sometimes after, the employment relationship comes to an end. Legal advice concerning employment and industrial law and the Fair Work legislation can be sought at any stage of an employment relationship, including: Before commencement: Drafting […]

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

WHAT IS INSOLVENCY AND BANKRUPTCY Insolvency, bankruptcy, restructuring and turnaround law regulates the distribution of the estates of companies and individuals whose assets are insufficient to meet their debts to creditors. Legal advice and decisive intervention and strategic thinking concerning these issues, and the options available to you under the Bankruptcy Act and Corporations Act, are […]

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

WHAT IS LITIGATION & ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Litigation and alternative dispute resolution are the procedures by which individuals, businesses, companies and government bodies can seek to resolve their disputes by negotiation or have them determined by a Court or other tribunal. Litigation is commenced when a party takes legal action in a Court or tribunal […]

Property & Land Use

WHAT IS PROPERTY & LAND USE Property and land use law regulates dealings with, ownership of, use of, and securities over, personal property (goods and chattels), and real property (land). Legal advice concerning property and land use law can be sought at any stage, including: Acquisition of property Investment in property Protection of property Disposal […]

Wills, Estates & Succession

WHAT IS WILLS, ESTATES & SUCCESSION Wills, estates and succession law regulates what occurs when a person passes away. Legal advice concerning wills, estates and succession law can be sought: During your own lifetime: Estate and succession planning: preparing wills, Advance Care Directives, powers of attorney Guardianship Superannuation When a loved one passes away: Inheritance […]

Unfulfilled Security for Costs Orders

INSIGHT | South Australia’s new Court of Appeal shows preparedness to dismiss appellate proceedings where security for costs is not given: Draoui v Le & Ors [2021] SASCA 33; Eustice v Channel Seven Adelaide Pty Ltd & Ors [2021] SASCA 43 Introduction Security for costs orders require litigants to pay monies into Court, or provide […]